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Scallop ceviche salad

Scallop ceviche salad

I like ceviche made with all different types of fish and seafood. I thought that ceviche would make a great centerpiece for a salad. As I considered what type of ceviche, I easily decided on scallops. I am a great scallop lover, so scallop ceviche sounded great.

I had never made any type of ceviche. I looked up recipes online. As far as the time to “cook” the scallops in the citrus juice, recipes varied from 20–30 minutes to 4 hours and even 8 hours to overnight. I settled on 2 hours and was very pleased with the outcome.

Most ceviche recipes include chiles. This is not surprising since the origin of ceviche is in Latin America. I wasn’t interest in going in that direction, so I omitted the chiles. But I did include the red onion. That worked well both for flavor and for adding some color. I used my mandolin to get very thin slices.

The tomatoes on the salad were the mini-heirloom tomatoes from Trader Joe’s. I love the color variety they add. Obviously other tomatoes would work as well.

This is a very easy and quick prep. Cut up the scallops and onion a few hours before and add the lime and lemon juice. Then just assemble the salad.

Scallop ceviche salad

4 sea scallops
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
(enough of the juice to cover the scallops)
2 very thin slices of red onion, cut into pieces

spring mix lettuce

3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lime juice
fresh ground pepper

Cut the scallops into quarters. Put in a small dish with the onions. Add lime juice and lemon juice to cover the scallops. Cover the dish and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Assemble the salad with the lettuce, avocado, and tomatoes. Whisk or shake in a small jar the oil, lime juice, and pepper. Spoon the dressing over the salad. Strain the juice from the scallops and onions and place them on the salad.

Scallops and spring vegetables salad

Scallops with spring vegetables salad

My daughter and I have each made, multiple times, a wonderful scallops with spring vegetables dish from the Cordon Bleu at Home cookbook. This is a hot entree, with the scallops and vegetables coated with a great saffron sauce. This recipe was the direct inspiration for this salad. The salad includes pretty much the same ingredients, though obviously prepared and assembled differently.

A key to this salad (as to many things) is to make sure none of the ingredients are overcooked. The cooked vegetables should remain crisp. And with the scallops, yes, the 30 seconds for cooking is all that the slices require.

For dressing the salad, I made a saffron vinaigrette. I started with oil and lemon juice, since lemon always goes well with seafood. When cooking with saffron, the cooking causes the flavor and color to be released throughout the preparation. I wondered about how this would work with a saffron vinaigrette. My solution was to make the vinaigrette, with the saffron, an hour before I would finish the salad. I beat the mixture vigorously not just to mix the oil and lemon juice (even then, of course, only temporarily) but to break up the saffron threads and mix them up. It worked. The flavor and color of the saffron was gradually infused in the dressing. I could see it getting more yellow over time.

Of course, if you don’t have saffron, the straight oil and lemon juice vinaigrette would work just fine.

Scallops with spring vegetables salad

3–4 sea scallops, sliced into thirds
1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed
1/2 cup haricots verts cut into about 1-inch pieces
1/2 cup carrots, sliced
butter lettuce

3/4 cup white wine
3/4 cup water
1 small shallot or 1/2 larger shallot, minced

3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
several saffron threads

The scallops, peas, and haricots verts need to be cooked ahead of time so they can cool before making the salad. They don’t have to be refrigerator temperature. Somewhat warmer than that is actually better. I would say doing this a hour or so before you plan to have the salad would be fine. Of course it could be much earlier. But then I would take these ingredients out of the refrigerator a little before making the salad so they would not be as cold.

To cook the scallops, put the wine, water, and minced shallot into a pot, bring to the simmer and cook for 5 to 10 minutes to combine the flavors. If the scallops are frozen, thaw under running cold water. Cut off the little muscle on the side of the scallops if present. Slice the scallops crosswise into thirds, giving 3 nice rounds about 1/4-inch or so thick. Put the scallops into the wine, water, and shallot mixture. When it returns to the simmer, which should happen quite quickly, time the cooking for 30 seconds. Remove the pan from the heat, and take out the scallops with a slotted spoon.

For the peas and haricots verts, bring 2 more pots of water to the boil. Add the peas, bring back to the boil, and cook for 1 minute. Drain and rinse with cold water. For the haricots verts, add to the pot, bring back to the boil, and cook for 2 minutes. Again drain and rinse with cold water.

An hour or so before the final preparation, mix the oil, lemon juice and saffron threads. You only need a few threads. How much is really a judgment call–something of a guess as far as I’m concerned. Whisk this very vigorously for 30 seconds to a minute. The object here is to break up the saffron threads and get them to started infusing their color and flavor into the dressing.

For the final preparation, cut the butter lettuce into small pieces–you want this mixed up with the other vegetables, not dominating. Add the peas, haricot verts, and carrots, tossing everything together. Now whisk the vinaigrette, pour about 2/3 over the salad, and toss again.

Put the salad on the plate. Lay the scallop slices on top. Spoon a little of the remaining vinaigrette on top of each scallop slice.